Popular Online Courses

Popular Online Courses

Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials


Ichimoku Stock Trader

“ I enjoy learning at my own pace with videos on-demand. However, the best values comes when I can see live trade ideas once a week with my membership. This has been really helpful in my trading. ”

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Forex Trader

“ I originally started with just the EA, which worked great in sending me alerts. The included tutorial and setup that you get with the EA was a major help in making sure I had things setup correctly. ”

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Crypto Trader

“ I got into trading with crypto currencies and found that the Ichimoku strategy was best for me. I was curious if there was more I could learn about the Ichimoku strategy and signed up for a trail course. Best thing I ever did for my trading. Very knowledgable team. ”



Day Trader

“ I stared trading Forex and Cryto currencies with all the hype and actually enjoyed it. I was struggling to find classes or youtube videos that really taught me how to use strategy tester in MT4 for my backtest. The guys really helped me along with my trading. Live sessions are the best! ”

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Options Trader

“ The trading management course got my attention. I was pretty well versed in trading and was curious on how other professionals were trading. Since the Ichimoku strategy is one of my main trading styles, I came across Ichimokupower and saw their trade management class. Really good, highly recommend. ”

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Professional Trader

“ I’ve been trading for a while now, both Forex and Cryto currencies. I have had some people wanting to put money with me. I did a search for forex performance tracking and came across this site. The performance tracking class was exactly what I was looking for. Very well put together and helpful. ”

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What we offer

What we offer

Each course is like an interactive textbook, featuring pre-recorded videos, quizzes, and projects.

Accelerate your trading knowledge and performance with our learn on-demand video classes. Day Trader memberships will have access to one weekly live trading sessions with our professional trading team. This is great time to ask questions and get answers or get trade ideas.

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Expert instruction

Each class has been developed so our students learn only necessary points quickly and easily.

Smart trading

Learn the best tips and tricks to help you start investing profits the best way possible.

Take your time

Learn on your time! Video learning is great to rewind and ensure you grasp concepts.

Social trading

You'll be learning & sharing ideas with traders just like you. Social trading can be a powerful tool.